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Senior Memberships

We are continuing with the Senior Contributing and Non-Contributing options

for our members.

SENIOR CONTRIBUTING you are aligning to one of the working groups outlined below. 

This will not be onerous and could be a request to do something like attend a working bee, help Love Tennis day, look after the gardens, assist with the juniors, or at club nights.

 A club is made up of its members and relies on each and every one of us to do something to support OUR club.

You do have the option to select the

NON-CONTRIBUTING MEMBER and pay the higher fee and forgo any club duties.

We also have NEW TO TENNIS RATESWINTER  and ASSOCIATE  memberships on offer



       Keys    Are included in all Senior and Youth Memberships  

     (there is no longer an extra cost)


SENIOR MEMBERS / CONTRIBUTING - click HERE for more info                                  $190.00


SENIOR MEMBER / NON CONTRIBUTING                                                                          $240.00                       


YOUTH  (aged    12 – 18 years)                                                                                        $130.00


JUNIOR (aged under 11 years)                                                                                         $110.00

NEW TO TENNIS  (Beginner Adult - or new to club tennis)                                             $130.00

GOLD MEMBER   65+yrs                                                                                                   $180.00


ASSOCIATE MEMBER (Full paying member of another club)                                           $100.00



FAMILY DISCOUNT - Applies to families of four or more (must include an adult)

please email mairtowntennisclub@gmail.com for your fee total.


If you need help with your membership type, fee or registering online..........

Send an email  to mairtowntennisclub@gmail.com.                               

And we will get in contact with you.

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